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Jisoo goes viral for uploading a record-breaking Instagram post!

Is Jisoo finally going to be crowned the queen of Instagram? The star is one of the most influential personalities in K-pop. Every post of hers gains attention from fans all over the world. This time even netizens are floored! Jisoo broke the record of all her previous Instagram posts by gaining 8.3 million likes on a video she uploaded. The star was rocking a 'Blacklabel' T-shirt! Why did the video go viral? Read below to find out!

  • As a result of her great popularity, she reached 35.6 million followers on her Instagram. 
  • On January 31st, 2021, Jisoo was announced as DIOR's House Friend and muse.
  • Another instance where the singer went viral was for her cover of Tove Lo's 'Stay High' on January 27th, 2021.
Jisoo at a fansign

On February 4th, 2021, Jisoo posted a short video on her Instagram account. Who knew a tiny clipping held so much power? Click here to watch it. While fans loved it, the footage went viral across various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and a Chinese platform called Weibo.

It's obvious how powerful the 26-year-old singer is. What was she doing in the video? Are you curious to find out?

Jisoo's post on Instagram

'Pretty', the one-word caption that the 'Lovesick Girls' singer gave to her post.

It's true, there aren't words enough to describe her beauty! In the clipping, Jisoo was flaunting a stylish black shirt with was labeled with the term 'BLACKLABEL' at the back. It refers to the subsidiary of YG Entertainment founded by Blackpink's music produced named Teddy.  Wow, doesn't she look stunning? I believe she's perfect!

Jisoo even referred to him as the fifth member of Blackpink. Read about it here. Teddy has worked on every single Blackpink track till date, isn't that awesome?

Jisoo waving to fans from her car

'Her face is so perfect. She's stunning no matter where the video is filmed.' a Korean netizen commented on a site called Naver.  

Korean netizens were in awe of Jisoo's beauty. The 'How You Like That' singer's post received 1 million likes within 24 hours. It’s the fastest any of her posts have gotten one million likes. Wow, can you believe it? 

The comment section was filled with everyone singing praises. I'm sure she was overwhelmed by the positive response. After all, the singer always thanks her fans for their unconditional support. Talent, manners and good looks, isn't she the perfect idol?


I'm glad Jisoo has been going viral a lot lately. The singer is working hard while juggling three jobs as a singer, model, and actress. She deserves all the love and praise from fans around the globe. On February 17th, 2021, she was announced as the muse for a local Korean brand called 'It MICHAA'. Read more about it here!

Clearly, she's very busy! It's nice to see that she still finds time to upload behind the scenes content for her fans! What did you think about the video that she shared? Let us know in the comments below!

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