Jimin from BTS singing "Filter"

Jimin's "Filter" surpassed 170 million streams on Spotify and breaks new record

It sets new records for the fastest Korean male solo and Korean solo to make this feat in Spotify history. BTS does it once again! Watch more in the video below! 

With the hashtag #FilterByJimin170M, BTS fans, the Army, trended on Twitter in the United States.


Fans around the world congratulated Jimin on his new record, with reactions over his 170 million streams on Spotify. 

When he was young. The singer had many ambitions growing up. From wanting to become a chef to a pirate, his imagination was unstoppable.

There was one thing that stayed constant through these years, and it was his love for dancing. How did his passion for dancing grow into becoming the best dancer in K-Pop? Watch the video on how Jimin went from dance student to worldwide star, below. 

Listen to his song here.

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