Jimin singing and smiling

Jimin uploads 'Permission To Dance' challenge in new TikTok video!

The BTS idol immediately started trending on Twitter with the hashtag #OMGJimin. Find out why, and watch the beautiful video, below! 

  • After our first time watching the new BTS song, we didn't think anything else could surprise us. 
  • Jimin started trending on social media due to his mysterious outfit, and new theories are floating around the Internet.


His casual jeans, white t-shirt and white shoes go with his amazing choreography, that millions of BTS fans, are replicating on the Internet. It has been one of the most shared challenges in recent YouTube history. Why at this exact moment? And why is he wearing a beanie that covers his hair? We think Jimin and the rest of the BTS members are preparing something big. Why? Because in the background of the video we can see a stadium, surely in Asia, and they might be preparing for a new music video or a new show. What we can definitely tell you from our sources, is that BTS is preparing a world tour and it will be nothing like we ever seen before. We will keep you updated! 

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