JLo's New Year's Eve show

Jennifer Lopez without makeup is the best thing you will see in 2021

You won't believe it! But, amazingly, JLo removed all her New Year's Eve makeup in front of the camera during a live and the result was incredible! She looked even better than with the makeup on! Want to know everything about it? Scroll down! 

  • JLo performed at the 'Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve' wearing huge amounts of makeup.
  • After the show, the 51-year-old diva went home and removed all her makeup for a live video.
  • JLo Beauty's whole line dropped on January 1st. 
JLo's New Year's Eve show. Source: Just Jared

Jennifer Lopez performed at the 'Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve' at the Times Square in New York City. The iconic ball drop show is the most expected one and the 'In the morning' singer was obviously a part of it! Yes, in case you are asking, she was up to scratch! 51-year-old star knows what looks better on her, and she is always looking perfect! Well, that's what we thought.

Right after the incredible show, the Hollywood diva rushed home to launch her complete skincare JLo Beauty line! What we saw was unbelievable! If she looked amazing with all her makeup on, she looked even better without it! A-Rod's fiancée removed all her makeup in front of the camera on a live video. Only she can do such a thing! Most celebrities would prefer to die before showing their bare faces in front of a camera. Well, not the 'Waiting for tonight' singer. Her case was simply the opposite.

JLo Beauty products. Source: US Magazine

The mother of two removed her whole makeup (which looked great on her!) in just a minute using her JLo Beauty cleanser. She didn't even have dark circles below her eyes! She did have some redness on some parts of her cheeks but, she looked better than before. After that, Hollywood's best paid Latina used her special Glow serum. It left her face skin with more glow than the makeup. True, no kidding! Last, but not least, the also-actress wore her night moisturizer cream. Jenny from the block recommended her followers to wear SFP every single day as she does since her 20s.

Conclusion. Let's all run and buy her products! She looks great at her age! Seeing that face without any kind of makeup is amazing, and it shows the line works. That is a great skincare line actually. Bonus info: JLo explained she tried really hard to create the perfect line with the best glamorous packaging without making it more expensive. It's definitely a win-win buying JLo Beauty skincare products! Let's all get her amazing skin! Watch the full video below and don's forget to post your comments! Oh, I almost forget! Scroll the photos to decide which JLo you prefer! Is the one with makeup or the one with her bare skin? I'm pro-natural looking! So, i' go for the no-makeup on! 

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