JLo performing at the Super Bowl half time show

Check out Jennifer Lopez magical performance at Biden's inauguration day

Jennifer Lopez performance during Donald Trump's successor was absolutely breathtaking! Her emotion, talent and show made every fan cry, including herself. JLo even spoke in Spanish. Check it out below!

  • Lady Gaga and  JLo performed in the inauguration ceremony at the Capitol in Washington.
  • Joe Biden became the 46th United States President and Kamala Harris his VP.
  • The actress was very touched when singing for her President and for the whole country.
  • A-Rod fiancée sang 'This Land is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie and 'America the beautiful' by Katharine Lee Bates.
Lady Gaga opened the ceremony

Performing after Lady Gaga was not something most singers would like. But, guess what? JLo did it amazingly as she always does!

JLo emotional at the ceremony

51-year-old JLo was super emotional during the swearing inauguration ceremony. The 'Let's get loud' singer was truly nervous about performing for the candidate she believed in. She has even campaigned as a true democrat. 

JLo, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

Of course, the 46th United States President asked her to perform in his first public ceremony. The 'Pa ti' singer said yes without hesitating. Finally,  Lopez landed at Washington to prepare for her biggest show in the last years. 

JLo's hairstyle for the ceremony

Her spotless-all-white look had the perfect purpose. Everything around her on January 20th, 2021 was joy and happiness. There was no place for black in her day. Her trousers, her coat, and even her hat was all white.

Her place for the rest of the ceremony

While performing her eyes reflected how moved she was. Let's bare in mind, Jenny from the block is a Puerto Rican descendant. She is Latin. The mother of two is part of America's minorities. JLo supported Biden's candidacy simply because he supports and fights for the minorities. The two times Grammy Award nominee had to fight all her life to be where she is today. The Hustler's star wanted that to change for good. 

JLo emotional

During her incredible show A-Rod's fiancée even spoke some words in Spanish because she simply couldn't control her feelings at that moment. When she did, Kamala Harris was spotted smiling (of course). 

Una nación bajo dios, indivisible, con libertad y justicia para todos

JLo and A-Rod arriving at the Capitol

Thank you JLo for your incredible performance! It was clearly your best! When we are happy it can be seen in our faces. You were immensely happy when singing at the Capitol! Want to see the best performance ever once more? Watch the YouTube video below, and don't forget to post your comments!

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