JLo with her new 'Barbie' purple hair

Jennifer Lopez new 'Barbie' purple hair leaves fans astonished!

JLo surprised fans looking unrecognizable as a Barbie doll on her new music video 'In the Morning'. Her hairstylist revealed absolutely everything about her work! Didn't you see her yet? Scroll down and don't miss a detail! 

  • Chris Appleton is the hitmaker's hair colorist.
  • Lopez new video will drop in 2021.
  • The hairstylist will also do JLo's hair during New Year's Eve concert in Times Square.
JLo 'In the morning' cover. Source: Twitter

'In the morning' lyrics dropped on November 24th, 2020. However, we have been waiting for the video since that date. Until the song's teaser finally appeared on December 25th and with it her hair colorist comments. Chris Appleton was in charge of the diva's hair for the new video. 

Jennifer Lopez with her new hairstyle in the music video of "In The Morning"

Let's begin by saying that Chris is Kim Kardashian's hair colorist apart from JLo's. Having said that, he is great, no doubt! When he was asked to work with the star's hair for the new video he actually brought magic into the scene. The 'Jenny from the block' we knew, is exactly the same....just that her hair is purple now! Appleton managed to make his friend, Lopez, look like a unicorn Barbie. Really, no kidding! That purple super straight hair made her look super sexy!   

Fans are getting crazy with JLo's hair stencil art.

 Bonus! That wasn't it! For the video, Chris had to work on several changes regarding the star's hair. The hairstylist could make JLo change her looks dramatically in a matter of hours (of course wigs were included). He managed to actually draw and paint on the 'Waiting for tonight' singer's blonde hair. Really coloring. Not the full color, but drawing in it actually. Chris even explained he had to use a stencil for it! Simply amazing and incredible! Only Appleton is capable of such a thing. 

JLo and Chris Appleton

Still want to know more? Chris Appleton has posted on his Instagram account that he is heading to New York City. The exact same place where the Hollywood's best paid Latina will be performing at the 'Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve'. Even though none of them have made any comments about it whatsoever, our source revealed that he will be in charge of the diva's hair on that special night. 

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