JLo and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez is finally marrying Alex Rodriguez!

Both JLo and her fiancée were having second thoughts about whether to get married or not lately. It seems like they have finally decided to walk down the aisle! Didn't you see it yet? Scroll down to learn everything! 

  • JLo and A-Rod have been dating since 2017. 
  • The lovebirds got engaged in 2019. 
  • Due to the lockdown situation, their marriage was postponed.
JLo and A-Rod. Source: People

51-year-old JLo has been dating the former baseball player for almost four years now. Their ensemble family has proved to work perfectly well. Lopez had twins (Emme and Max) with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Alex, had two daughters (Tashi and Ella) with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. Well, there are lots of kids involved, yes! But the good thing is that they get along perfectly well with each other! The three girls even share their love for beauty products. JLo has shown videos where the three teenagers having fun wearing her JLo Beauty products. 

JLo's and A-rod's family. Source: People

We have already told you the Hollywood's best-paid Latina was having second thoughts about actually needing to get married (click here to read the whole story). They have both been through that experience, so they will find nothing new. True. They were kind of happy about going through that moment together with all their family.

JLO and A-Rod in love. Source: Stock Adobe

But, the lockdown appeared to teach them something else. Their plans were not theirs anymore. What was to be the wedding of the year had to be postponed. The couple got used to being engaged, and they were actually thinking about the need of actually getting married. 

Well, thanks to an Instagram post made by Emme Muñiz, JLo's daughter, there is still hope! @jlover_bronx posted a picture of the two of them wearing a white dress and a black suit respectively. The post read 'I already imagine this moment for months and days when I kneel this at the altar already enduring her emotions and nerves but she no longer has it because her baby comes walking down the altar, and she knows that with her everything she wanted she has by her side'.

JLO and A-Rod dressed up as husband and wife

Nobody else but the diva's daughter reposted it! Meaning? Prepare yourself for the big night. It wasn't a perfect wedding in 2020, but it will be 2021 the best wedding ever! I mean, the one who said is kind of like JLo herself. Actually, Emme is so respectful she wouldn't have done so if it weren't true. She is 12 years old but understands everything! Thank Emme! Now there is real light at the end of the tunnel! 

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