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Jennifer Lopez finally reveals products of her new brand!

Jennifer Lopez is super eager to reveal more and more about her new skincare and make-up brand: JLoBeauty. We have all been waiting for a very long time to see it! Scroll down to find about her new venture!

  • Alex Rodriguez, her fiancée and former baseball player  was her support during the creation of her brand.
  • Her products are meant to change everybody's skin for good.
  • She is of course the face of the brand at 51 years old (she was born on July 24th, 1969)


JLo Beauty. Source: Daily Mail

 We were all aware something huge was surely going to happen with JLoBeauty, since the moment the star  finally revealed her make up and skincare brand was about to be released. Well people, the day has finally come! Although we can't (yet) buy her products, we can at least see them, study them and choose our favorites!


JLo Beauty picture

 Hollywood's Latina has a skin worthy of envy, and that's not a secret. The secrets were how to achieve that! Let's be honest, the 'Pa Ti' singer is 51 years old, and she looks like.... 25 let's say. O.K. let's give genetics a credit there, but it's surely not it. Even though your gens decide to help you, you need to also be doing something about it not to look as old as you should. In her case, olive oil makes all the magic! 

Other products

 Skincare products and (good) makeup is expensive, I mean, really expensive. JLo has a net worth of $400 million, so she can afford all the creams and products around the globe. But that isn't the point, she wanted to share with all of us the products that worked for her, her secrets, the ones her mother Guadalupa has passed down to her. She needed to create products affordable for everyone and products which serve their purpose. Those will be on the market on January 1st, 2021. However, if you happen to be an anxious-cant-wait person (like me), the early release will be on December 8th.

JLo Beauty products!

JLo finally revealed her line of products.

According to WWD, JLo Beauty is expected to do over $150 million dollars at retail in North America in 2021.


Jennifer Lope finally revealed all her beauty secrets. Source: Vanity Fair

Now we can choose while waiting for them to be on the market. VIP information: always remember her basic ingredient is olive oil! True, as simple as that, she has recently revealed her products had it because it was simply basic as for her. All those skincare outputs will help you get a bit of JLo's skin, full of that glow, which seems to be with her all day long! 'Beauty has no expiration date' girls, let's start doing something about our skin, let's help her since it will accompany us, like, forever! In case you have any doubts about JLo Beauty, watch YouTube video where JLo herself explains absolutely everything!

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