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Jennifer Lopez broke Instagram with a super spicy video

51-year-old JLo has always known how to address her fans and get their full attention. This time she chose the surprise effect. We will surely get our rewards for keeping us waiting having seen her video! Haven't you? Scroll down and check it out!

  • Jennifer Lopez is revealing a surprise which we now know it has to do with her new single.
  • A-Rod's wife-to-be showed a silver-full-of-glitter egg as a hint (no clue yet).
  • The photo of her without clothes was a lot, imagine the video!
Sexy JLo on stage performing at the AMAs 2020. Source: Daily Mail

O.K. we all know Jennifer Lopez looked good and that she is 51 years old. But, have you seen her video? I'm talking about the one in which she appears completely nude and super sexy.

Screenshot from JLo's Instagram account

I mean, she knows how to handle the camera perfectly well, what poses are best for her, and  how to turn everybody on! A-Rod has surely been a great trainer during the lockdown and although many people felt they were putting up some weight because of staying at home all day, 'Jenny from the clock' has proven things can be different.

Screenshot from JLo's Instagram account

You can put yourself before food and train looking amazingly good. Even at 51! The mind-blowing video is teasing her new single which drops on Thanksgiving and which cover seems to be her image wearing her brand new short haircut and... Oh, no, nothing else actually. When looking at the picture it just seems totally unreal!

#JLoInTheMorning. Source: Twitter

The video shows JLo from a very close up lens. First it shows her lovely face, then her chest covered by her own hands, her free belly (abs actually) and her booty size. Although it is very explicit and there is no room for doubting her great body, it is very attached over. The slow motion helps to create such a sensual sensation which makes all of us want to see more about the new song, and the whole video! If you haven't, watch the video we are talking about!

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