Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is photographed for Los Angeles Times on May 29, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.

Jennifer Lopez beauty brand breaks sales records!

JLo explained just a few weeks ago, her 20-year-dream has finally come true thanks to her love A-Rod who encouraged her to put her magic glow into a bottle so that she could share it with many other women. Her skincare and makeup brand, JLo Beauty, is finally out for sale! Scroll down to learn all the necessary details about it!

  • Jennifer Lopez has always been known for her perfect porcelain skin.
  • 51-year-old Hollywood megastar has a skin worth envy.
  • The 'Waiting for tonight' singer has made her dream come true: her skincare line is out for sale now!

JLo Beauty

JLo for 'JLo Beauty'. Source: Elle

Two weeks ago the 'Waiting for tonight' singer announced she had been working to make her dream come true. The mother of two has always wanted to share with people everything about her skin routine and the products she used. Even though A-Rod's fiancée has quite a lot of money, she never found THE product which could match her likes, so she had to create it herself.

JLo promoting her products. Source: People

Her future husband encouraged her to do it and the result has been amazing! The early access was opened to the public by means of a secret code on December 8th, 2020, while the complete and open sale to the public in general was available as of January 1st, 2021.

What happened on December 8th?

Jennifer Lopez. Source : New York Times

Well, actually, after just a few hours of sales, the group ran out of products. Really! No kidding! JLo was actually buying her Christmas presents when she found out and decided (obviously) to stop and make an Instagram story to thank the people. The Hollywood diva also encouraged those who didn't make it to the early access to preorder on January 1st, when she assured there was going to be stock for absolutely everyone!

Sales Records

JLo smiling. Source: She Knows

Jennifer Lopez is all the time thanking people for trusting her skincare products. The first batch was out in just a few hours. Now, we are just waiting the whole line to drop at Sephora and Amazon which is planned for the end of January! 


JLo showing her 51-year-old face with no make up thanks to her products. Source: People

 If people are buying it like crazy, it should mean something, right? If everybody wants it, it's simply because to has to be good! Let's just all wait a bit more to try one by one in Sephora. It will be the best option. Just imagine, being able to get in and simply dive into each of JLo Beauty products.  

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