Jennifer Aniston surprised

Jennifer Aniston's doppelgänger found in Argentina!

An Argentinian woman went viral after fans discover she looks like Jennifer Aniston! Florencia Trossero was having dinner with her friend, like ever Friday. He suddenly realized she looked exactly like the famous Hollywood actress and posted a photo of her on his Twitter. The post went immediately viral and got almost 200,000 likes in one hour. Watch the video below!

  • "Can you imagine getting up and seeing that you are just like Jennifer Aniston?" are among the funniest comments on Twitter.
  • Florencia cleared her story on an Argentinian TV show saying "my family says it all the time, but I don't feel that way"
  • "My friend Leo never imagined the repercussion this photo could have"

The photo was taken at her cousin's wedding, while she was wearing make up. The South American told the media that her ex-boyfriend laughed when people said she was Aniston's doppelgänger.

The photo that went viral: Florencia and her friend in a wedding.

"This is the proof that I actually look a like, so I will send him a kiss and tell him he wasn't right".

Brad and Angelina might be back together after their divorce in 2005. Source: Getty

At the same time when rumors between a reconciliation between Jennifer and Brad Pitt are in the air, the photo had an incredible timing. Apparently, they have been seeing each other in her home in Bel Air and close sources insist that Brad changed through the years and he is a happy man. 

Worst case scenario, if the relationship between him and Jennifer doesn't work, he has a second option down in Argentina. Would Florencia be up for the challenge? What do you think?

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