JLo and the 'Fly girls'

Jamie Foxx revealed his love for Jennifer Lopez!

The revelation that 2020 was waiting for! Comedian Jamie Foxx admitted telling Jennifer Lopez she was the most beautiful girl ever. It happened when both artists were rookies in the 'In living color' show. Curious to know all the details? Scroll down and don't miss this love story!

  • The comedian and Jennifer Lopez worked together back in 'In living colors'.
  • Foxx believes JLo is the most beautiful woman of the world.
  • The Hollywood actor has a list of over 20 girlfriends including Adriane Kelly (year 2000), Illiana Fischer (from 2002 to 2004), Katie Holmes (from 2014 to 2019) and Natalie Friedman (2019 to 2020).
Jamie Foxx in 'Soul'. Source: USA Today

During a recent interview for his movie 'Soul', Foxx revealed some juicy secrets!

Disney-Pixar's new masterpiece has Jamie playing the voice of a band teacher who feels his life is empty. After trying way too much, he manages to break it as a jazz musician. Exactly the same day his luck seems to have changed, he jumps into a pothole and appears as his spirit, not a person. Of course, he is desperate now to go back to his prior life and to return to his own body!

Jamie Foxx in 'In living colors'. Source: Billboard

When the songwriter revealed the main plot of his new project, he was asked questions about his own beginnings. DId you know that his first real job was earning a place in 'In living colors' in West California?

JLo in 'In living colors'. Source: Alamy

After getting a great ovation from the public there, he won his place in the show. If we recall a bit, we are also talking about JLo's beginnings, back in 1991. All the 'Fly girls' were present in all the auditions, including Lopez. And then it came: the moment of the truth: he couldn't help but tell the whole story between them.

Jamie Foxx and JLo back in 1991. Source: Daily Mail UK

They were both rookies at that moment and both of them share a great quality. Jenny from the block and Jamie are super simple people who don't believe they are better than others. Foxx couldn't help his words and told Lopez exactly what he thought about her! Although he was dating another girl, he felt JLo was the most beautiful girl ever! Incredible right? Check his own words below! 

'Hey, I have a girlfriend, I’m not hitting on you, but you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. But we became friends because we were the rookies on the show'

JLo had worked so hard to be a 'Fly Girl' and finally make it into the Hollywood world she was determined not to be distracted by absolutely anything, nor anybody. Back in 1991, she had a kind of love shield and her only and true love was dancing and becoming the star we know today. Apart from that, let's be honest! Jamie was dating another girl. He himself said that. The 'Waiting for tonight' singer had no time for any kind of love quarrel with another person. Now, I wonder? Would they have been a great couple? Who knows, right? Don't forget to post your comments below!

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