Jennifer Lopez is seen on the set of "Un Nuevo Dia" at Telemundo Center to promote the film "Hustlers" on September 13, 2019 in Miami, Florida.

JLo's new music video 'In the morning' is finally out!

Jennifer López just released her new single music video! It's surreal, haunting, beautiful! Remember the one in which she was without any clothes whatsoever? Well, that one! Want to know everything about it? Scroll down and don't miss a single detail!

  • 51-year-old JLo dropped her last music hit 'In the morning' in December 2020.
  • On January 13th the video was finally released on the diva's #Triller
JLo in her Barbie look

The Hollywood diva looks amazing! At first, she appears floating in the outer space and then like a lovely angel who has a tattoo on her right arm (which washes away by the end of the recording).

JLo in the outer space

What appeared to be the outer space at first ended up being water later. The perfect Barbie like image becomes a super hot siren. Clearly, A-rod's fiancée wanted to do something out of the ordinary. One follower posted: 'can’t stop watching this! everything is so good & beautiful! a masterpiece (star emojis) love this so much'.  And another one 'The production of your new music video is incredible. I loved! Simply the best! You rocked everything! Congrats Queen! This video is wonderful'.

JLo's tattoo in 'In the morning' video

The 51-year-old goddess looked incredible in her new music video. Her makeup and hair is absolutely perfectly arranged. Never had she revealed so many options in just one video! One of her fans obviously realized and said 'You look stunning!' 

One of her makeup closeup choices in the video

The production was amazing and showed up! The video's last take is perfectly fit JLo's body from behind. Incredible, but that great woman is 51 years old!

The symbolism behind the video

The girl from the video, loved a boy more than she loved herself. JLo tried to portray the dark side a relationship can have (that's the reason of all the dark blue or even black images) and the realization a person can go through when understanding nobody can change the other people ways. 

'One can only change yourself'

That's why at the very beginning of the video the woman is kind of falling in the dark outer space alone. There's even a shot of the girl crying. As the video progresses, everything turns brighter! The message Jenny from the block is trying to convey is super clear! 

'Grow your own wings and walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t truly value all you have to offer'

'In the morning' last take

Bonus info! Do you remember the face cage the Latina wore on New Year's Eve? Well, yes!!! She used it in the video! As well as that colossal white coat she also used when on that high pedestal? Bingo! Again, from the video! Want to watch it yourself? Click here to watch the video! And don't forget to post your comments below!

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