D.O. from EXO

It's Exo's Kyungsoo's birthday, let's take a look at his career

Exo Planet's strongest boy turns 28 just 13 days before being discharged from military service on January 25th. Let's celebrate the birthday of D.O. by reviewing his career and some fun facts about the idol.  

  • Doh Kyung-soo also known as D.O. de Exo, was born on January 12, 1993, in South Korea.
  • Kyungsoo was recruited by SM Entertainment after winning a street singing competition in 2010.
  • Just two years after becoming a trainee in Lee Soo Man's company, he debuted with the boy band EXO in April 2012.
Kyungsoo from EXO.

Each member of Exo has a superpower and Kyungsoo's is force. This strength perfectly reflects his strong personality.

Since he was a child, D.O. dreamed of becoming a singer and spent his elementary and high school years modeling his voice and beatboxing with his classmates silently dreaming of becoming an idol.

Finally, in 2010, he got the chance to start training at SM, so he could debut in a K-Pop group.

What is striking is that the artist did not tell anyone that he had been signed by one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea.

Of course, everyone found out in April 2012 when the boys of EXO debuted in style with their song "MAMA".

EXO-ls love Kyungsoo for his obsession with humming songs and also for his sexy habit of wetting his lips with his tongue.

D.O. cooking with Kai.

Despite being one of the most handsome of the group, D.O. is called by everyone the mother of EXO.

What happens is that the idol likes to take care of his bandmates.

He is extremely neat and one of his great passions is cooking. In fact, Kyungsoo is working as a chef in the military service.

The good news is that very soon he will be discharged from the army.

On January 25th, 2021 we will have D.O. among us again.

Kyungsoo in the army.

The 28-year-old singer revealed during the challenge “proud soldier", which is an interview with about 30 questions organized by the Military Manpower Administration, that upon his departure from the army he will be starring in a movie called The Moon.

In addition to an exceptional singer, Kyungsoo is a great actor and has actually won awards for his role in 2017's “Annoying Brother” and was voted Most Popular Actor at the Baeksang Art Awards in 2019.

We are very excited to see this idol back on the screen and have him soon again with EXO.

Happy birthday Kyungsoo! Watch the "proud soldier" full interview below.


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