Researchers trying vaccine in a lab

Israel tries successfully the first coronavirus vaccine

The test was done with hamsters and it's great progress in the fight against COVID-19. This will allow the Israel Institute for Biotechnology to start the second phase of trying it in humans.  Check this video to see exactly what they discovered. 

  • The idea behind the vaccine is to leave humans immune against the virus and to make it as affordable and accessible as possible.
  • This scientific center is funded by the Ministry of Defense, and they hope to prepare the final version of vaccine for beginnings of 2021. 

They used two different of hamsters that were infected with the virus. The ones without the vaccine lost weight and had tissue damage while the others had just minor lung complications. If testing continues to go as expected, researchers will continue with bigger animals until getting to human trials.

Israel Institute for Biotechnology Research. Source:

Around the world different pharmaceutical companies and universities like Oxford, Stanford and MIT are trying to "win" the race against the virus. It's a great challenge for the researchers, who are probably facing the biggest challenge of their professional lives. 

This same institute, located in Ness Tziona, next to Tel Aviv, already developed the first stage of antibodies drugs to neutralize the coronavirus effect. 

Researcher working on the covid-19 vaccine. Source:

Israel entered the second wave of contagions after allowing citizens to go back to normal life gradually. Despite having handled the situation pretty good (only 305 deaths), measures are going to be taken by the government led by Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. 

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