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Isolated Amazon tribe made contact with the outside world

American famous explorer Dr. Jack Wheeler Ph.D. published never-seen-before photos from the trip he made to the Ecuadorian jungle in 1972. He found the photos while going through some files in his holiday home in Portugal. He met a tribe called Auca, who saw white men for the first time in their life. Check this post from this amazing adventure below.

  • "It was as if we were aliens from outer space”, this is how the explorer describes the moment he met with the native folk.
  • It was the first time they made contact with the outside world.
  • Contrary to what most people expected, the encounter was friendly and pacific. 
  • The Californian explorer was born in 1943 and has travelled all over the world and currently owns a travel agency called Wheeler Expeditions.

The small helicopter used to get to the village

The photos showed the incredible encounter he had with the tribe, who welcomed him very friendly, but getting there was really difficult. Nobody wanted to take him there because there were stories from "white men coming with serious spear wounds". Finally, he managed to get a pilot take him there via helicopter, and he landed on a small village.

The tribe had no clothes on. Only the women wore vegetable fibers to carry their babies. They communicated with gestures and facial expressions, something that the human being has genetically incorporated. 

View of the Auca tribe home

The anthropologist said “I have never smiled so much in my life. But it worked and soon we all laughed together. They did not show the slightest fear or animosity”. He gave the tribesmen gifts like a machete and some string. It was the first time they ever saw metal before. 

Woman of the Auca tribe carrying her baby

The most shocking moment was when Wheeler showed them how to light fire with the matches. "“They were fascinated and while lighting a match, they were 'very excited' to see the fire at their fingertips."

Jack Wheeler exchanging gifts

One anecdote he still remembers is giving one of the old ladies a magazine and that she kept it with pride and joy, they never had so much visual impact in their lives.

After an hour, he left and never returned again, but these photos are his greatest memory and gift. Wheeler is also an advocate to leave that people alone and respect their privacy because "they don't need us".

Old lady with her magazine gift

There has been previous encounters with ancient civilizations that ended up in fights or in dangerous situations.

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