Is this the unluckiest person in the world?

A security footage from yesterday, August 5th 2020, has been circulating the Internet showing what it could be probably the unluckiest woman in the world, having an accident in his motorcycle and ending up in a very dark place. Check the following video out!

  • The video started circulating yesterday first in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil.
  • Nobody can figure out exactly where did this happen but the outcome of the crash is unbelievable.
  • What is even more surprising is the reaction of the auto driver, that flew the scene while the police was arriving.

The first seconds of the video reflects a situation that happens every day around the world: a car having an accident with a motorcycle. Until then, nothing weird happens. The most shocking moment is when the biker, who was just wearing shorts, falls into the street sewer and his body is no longer to be seen.

The moment when the man is about to fall into the sewer

Moments later, people start helping by lifting the sewer gate and at the minute 0:32 from the video you can see the responsible for the crash stepping into his car and driving peacefully away, just as if nothing had happened. The woman was later rescued and taken into the hospital, with minor injuries and with a video to remember his unluckiest day on Earth.

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