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Is Demi Lovato leaving Twitter for good?

28-year-old singer Demi Lovato took to her Twitter account to clarify some things about the post she made yesterday on her social media. On the occasion of the victory of the candidate for the Democratic Party Joe Biden, the artist urged everyone to respect each other. Incredibly this aroused malicious comments on the networks, read on to understand what happened.

  • Twitter can be a hostile place. A little comment can turn into a soap opera and wake up all those haters who are waiting for their opportunity to type the harshest things towards celebrities.
  •  Demi Lovato was fighting tirelessly during the election campaign to urge citizens to vote. 
  • Fortunately, the November 3rd elections were a success and set a record of citizen participation. 
Demi Lovato and Kamala Harris.

On November 7th we found out that the projected winner is Joe Biden, so he's set to be the president of our country for the next four years.

The celebrations in the streets were massive and exciting.

The singer of "Commander In Chief", moved by what was experienced on Saturday, took her social media to ask for respect.

She specifically referred to the memes circulating about the defeat of Donald Trump.

This is what demi posted on Instagram asking for respecto for Trump voters.

There are them for all tastes and some are actually quite insulting.

We must be careful, this moment of celebration should not divide society in any way.

Demi Lovato's tweets.

Demi's request is fully valid. Respect for those who think differently from us and have other values.

In view of the rain of comments full of memes, the artist sent several tweets about it and let it be seen that it is a platform that she doesn't like very much.

Of course, her fans are always there to defend and support her.

Demi Lovat osinging Commander In Chief at BBMA's 2020.

We appreciate that Lovato always uses her voice to ask for respect and unity.

We are with you always, never leave social media!

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