Cardi B twerking with joy.

Is Cardi B pregnant?

Instagram's followers went crazy when they saw this pic today January 6th, 2021. It seems at last all speculations on a probable pregnancy were being confirmed. We were all welcoming a new baby sister or brother for cute baby Kulture! Check out the picture that got us hoping!

  • Cardi and Offset had a daughter on July 10th, 2018.
  • Kulture Kiari Cephus has three half-siblings, Jordan Cephus, Kalea Marie Cephus and Kody Cephus.
  • Offset's net worth is estimated $26 million.

The picture on Instagram


Speculations that Cardi and Set were planning a second baby started filling social media some time. Check our past article from Dec 20th, 2020 here. Cardi gang is more than ready for this exciting news actually coming true. So when Cardi posted the following picture on Instagram fans began to flip out! Read some comments from fans!

Fan reactions


Cardi B at the red carpet back in 2018. Source: Getty Images.

Fans couldn't help themselves and began to show their excitement at the news.


and many in the same tenor had followers cheering. A closer look at the picture revealed it wasn't Cardi's belly Offset was holding but her butt cheek. Cardi had to clarify saying, 'Sexy mission fail'. Read Cardi's complete tweet next.


Its obvious fans are dying for baby news to be real, so real they confused Cardi's butt for her belly! Really guys? That is to show that 'truth is in the eyes of the beholder' and Ruth Hubbard's saying (1988, Harvard Professor) has never been better applied.

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