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How this history professor guessed the last 5 U.S presidents

He has been called the Nostradamus of presidential elections. Allan Lichtman has guessed which president was going to win in the United States over the last 40 years. And he never failed. What is his theory for Trump and Biden? Check the following video out!

  • Allan is a former history professor at American University.
  • With his partner, Russian scientist Vladimir Keilis-Borok, they developed a method to guess the winner of a presidential election.
  • He has also won several quiz TV shows earning 4 new cars.

Their method is called "The Keys To The White House" and is inspired in the technique used to predict earthquakes. They manage 13 variables that define if the president will stay and go for a second term or lose go into retirement. If 6 from the 13 aren't fulfilled, the next mandatory will be from the other party. We will highlight the most relevant to the period we are living:

Allan Lichtman. Source: Getty Images

The economy is strong on the short term.
There aren't any protests or injustice (social unrest).
White House has remained scandal free during the mandate.
The current president is charismatic to most Americans.
(At this time you can already guess who Lichtman thinks is going to win right?).

The professor is a Democrat and his toughest moments are where he knows that his candidates aren't going to win, like the last on, when Hillary Clinton lost against Donald Trump. We are guessing he is going to be happy this year!

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