Picture of RM catapults book back onto bestseller list

Picture of RM catapults book back onto bestseller list

According to sources, BTS's beloved leader, RM, was spotted reading the book 'Dying Young' which went out of print in 2003 but will now be re-printed because of him. Scroll down to see the picture that caused a storm across South Korea.

  • Author of the book is Cho Yong Hoon
  • It tells the stories of 12 Korean painters who unfortunately passed away at a young age

The BTS ARMY knows how to make products sell out in the shortest amount of time. When a picture of leader RM was posted, fans went crazy and tried ordering the book, even going so far as to contacting the publisher 'Hyohyung Publishing', asking them to reprint the book. And guess what: They're actually going to do it! Similar 'Selling-out frenzies' have happened over the years when Jungkook was spotted with a particular drink this year, or V accidentally revealing which lip balm he uses in 2019 - which led to fans emptying entire shelves in several parts of the country within hours. The fact that he not only managed to boost a book's reprint, but also inspired many fans to read, is remarkable and adorable at the same time.

See the picture below.

RM, to the delight of many bookworms such as myself, is a vivid reader and has posted pics of his bookshelf before.

Bangtan Sonyeondan are a sensation that will hopefully cause many more brands to sell out in the future. We're looking forward to seeing what BTS surprises us with next time!

Also check out Jungkook's adorable birthday 'Vlive' from a few hours ago!

See you around next time!

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