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How I became a celebrity after a bet

Hello, my name is Bruce and in the following minutes I am going to tell you a fascinating story of how I succeeded with my experiment of becoming a celebrity. Watch the video below to see my incredible journey!

  • I am a journalist and the manager of Yaay Today.
  • After covering hundreds of celebrities, we began to bet in the office how difficult it would be to become famous. 
  • My TV show "Ring Rajen", was on air for 2 years and produced over 120 episodes.


Like any journalist, I like to investigate thoroughly and get down to work. And I did. Speaking with professional model friends, I asked them what I should do to win the bet. 

Step 1: Have a professional photo book 

During my photoshoot I had over 150 photos taken but only a few were selected

Step 2: Sign up with a modeling agency

The official portrait of my modeling agency

Step 3: Go to castings

Going to castings was harder than I thought

The first step was pretty easy. I contacted a photographer, went to her studio and had a lot of fun They took a million photos but only a few were selected. The experience was much more difficult than I thought. It is not so easy to have great photos, especially when you are not a professional. 

Step 2

After writing to various agencies, I went to the one that liked my profile the most and signed a contract.

The final step is the hardest part

During castings, you have to improvise!

There are many castings, especially for TV commercials. The problem? There is a lot of competition. Making between $1,000 and $5,000 for a day's work draws attention to many fit students and professional actors. Also, the modeling agencies try to send as many models as possible to the castings to get more chances of earning commissions (approximately 30% of what you get).

The casting

I went intensively to castings for 3 months

Luckily, with the pandemic, the organization improved a lot. I remember going as a child once and had to wait hours until they called me. Nowadays, with established schedules and maximum quotas of people within casting agencies, it becomes much lighter. Between getting there, the waiting and the acting it takes approximately 40 minutes. (my friends told me before the pandemic it was from 1 to 3 hours)

Step 1

You enter the agency, you wait and talk (or just use your phone) with beautiful models from all ages and sizes, and at some point they call you into a room with a cameraman and a production assistant.

Step 2

Presentation. You introduce yourself to the camera, show your fingers, do a 360-degree turn, smile and strike a pose

Step 3

 Act. The producer tells you what your role will be and you need to act a certain situation. Until that point you might have an idea of what the commercial is about, but they expect for you to improvise and follow their sketch. 

You need to be creative and imagine a certain environment for the castings

One might think that it is easy, and it is in one's mind, but when you see yourself on screen you realize that your face is doing something totally different from what you wanted initially. The worst part is you can sense when the producer is tired of doing the same act 2 days  in a row with hundreds of people and you only have one chance to shine.

If you are lucky, the producers like you, and you can be considered among the top candidates.

Now how do you get selected?

I managed to strike social media deals with different brands. Source: Kris Roller/TheYachtWeek

The casting agency presents their 10 best options to the advertising agency. The agency filters then again and presents 3 to 5 final options to the client. 

Finally, the client gets to choose their star. In my case, after going intensively to castings for 3 months, I was selected for a bank advertisement. Then everything started to flow. The agencies already knew me, my modeling agency was already happy with my performance and everything went smoothly.

My first commercial

I had to act as a dad, my mom was so proud!

Before the filming day, you have a wardrobe test where they make you try on different options that you are going to use. You try different options, get some photos done, and you are good to go. 

Shooting day:

After getting selected, there are many tryouts until you can make some money!

You need to take a day off (or a night, since many commercials are filmed at night when the premises are empty). There the magic happens. Filming, repeating scenes, chilling with the other actors, getting some makeup done and basically waiting a lot. 

After filming the bank commercial, I filmed another one for Christmas where I had to act as a father (my mom was so proud!). From that moment, everything escalated. Social media, deals with brands, and a lot of opportunities appeared.

I managed to have my own TV show (which got great rankings on IMDb!)  I traveled the world, I interviewed athletes, politicians, models, I signed autographs, took my mom flying on a private jet, filmed on a deserted island and much more.

Now I am here, talking to you guys, with almost 30 years old, after having had one of the craziest experiences of my life, all thanks to a bet with my friends from work.


During one of my talks at my old school, the German School of Montevideo!

This video won’t be finished without a personal conclusion, and it’s the following: I realized that being “successful” in any level you want to be, takes hard work and dedication. Also, focus. I did everything while working as a journalist, and it took a toll on my body. Go 100%. Before I leave you guys go chill with another YouTube video of a baby squirrel doing water ski, remember: timing is everything. I was in my 20s, after finishing my college degree, and it was just perfect. Don’t wait for your chance, the more you wait, the harder it will be! Hope you enjoyed my story, and thanks for watching!

Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart

Digital Media Expert. Journalist. Former TV host. University of San Diego Alumni. 6′ 4″ but my mom still calls me 'tiny'+ info

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