Protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's new law pulls pro-democracy books from libraries

The new legislation came into effect Tuesday, June 30th and already many pro-democracy activists have stepped down from their roles. Beijing dismisses both criticism and complaints by the UK and other Western nations that say the law is in breach of the guarantees made to protect Hong Kong's freedoms

  • One of the measures has been to remove pro-democracy books from libraries. 
  • The new law punishes subversion and terrorism with life in prison.
  • So far 10 people have been arrested for violating the new law.
  • Protestors urge the use of blank signs fearing their words could put them behind bars.
  • For a full explanation of Hong Kong's new legislation check out the video below!

In 1997 Britain granted back Hong Kong's sovereignty to China. This meant certain  guarantees such as freedom of speech and an independent judicial system. These political freedoms were promised for a 50-year period, but the new law seems to be putting an end to those rights.

Nathan Law, co-founder of Demosisto Party fled Hong Kong

Pro-democracy activist, local legislator, Nathan Law, fled the territory while others have stepped down from their roles. Law had stepped down from Demosisto Party after the new law came into effect on Tuesday. A Party he co-founded with activist Joshua Wong. At the time, he said the law marked the start of a "bloody cultural revolution".

So far more than 9 books have been put "under review", including two from activist Joshua Wong who tweeted the list on July 4th.

Libraries have put books under review as by the new National Security Law. Source: Joshua Wong Twitter account

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