Naya Rivera with her son

Heroic act of Naya Rivera: she gave her life for her son

According to the Medical Examiner, the body had no signs of struggle and the cause was drowning. The document also establishes that "the manner of death is accident". After the interview with the 4-year-old son, the Ventura County Sheriff established that the woman gave her life for her son. Read more below.  

By  Charles Lorenz
  • The Glee actress probably hit a water swirl.
  • Those are common in the area of Piru Lake, specially when the dams are open.
  • Relatives from a girl who drowned the same way told the media it's like a force the takes you down the lake and there is "nothing you can do to fight it".

Bill Ayub, Ventura County Sheriff, reported that a photo that Naya Rivera sent to her family helped identified the area where the body was found.

The theory is established after declarations of the son who said that he looked back and his mother "disappeared in the water" after helping him reach the boat.

Naya Rivera and her son

Everybody in her close circle knew how brave this woman was and how hard-working she was on set and probably expanded that attitude to her last moments of life. In an act of love, she gave everything so that her son could grow up knowing that he was saved by a real life hero. Rest in peace.

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