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#HenryCavillSuperman is trending topic after fans go crazy

After the trending topic of Justin Bieber #BieberSecretDM, the Superman fans copied the idea and started asking for the presence of the actor Henry Cavill again as the Man of Steel! Read more below!

  • The 6ft tall actor has a net worth of $25 million
  • His most famous movies are, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Mission Impossible: Fallout.
  • Fans used the modern version of the "Batsignal" asking for the actor on Twitter and other social media outlets. 
Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel

Since 2013 the action superstar has played the most famous superhero of the DC movies word: Superman. And he's done it pretty nicely. His two last ones Dawn of Justice from 2016 and Justice League from 2017 left the fans wanting for more. Cavill wants to do another movie "alone" (who wouldn't want to have superpowers, supermodels and super big check waiting afterwards right?).

While negotiations continue with the entertainment company of Warner Bros, the handsome man is playing his magic in the Netflix's "The Witcher" as Geralt of Rivia.

He has also another plans like hanging with his beautiful dog or trying to work on his American accent. Let's remember he was born in Jersey, England! 

Henry walking his dog named Kal.

Social media sure does his magic and big companies are listening to it. A great example is the movie Sonic, where they had to rebuild and animate the whole face of the main character after fans complained. Let's see if this works out. Hopefully, we will have Henry for more years to come! 

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