Harry Styles and girlfriend Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles’ new girlfriend Olivia Wilde receives backlash for supporting him!

It looks like Olivia’s recent Instagram post for Harry didn’t turn out so well for her! The 36-year-old dedicated a post on her Instagram account to praise boyfriend Harry Styles for being a part of a female-led movie. However, viewers of the post didn’t like the post and now Olivia is facing a backlash for it. Want to know what happened? Continue reading to find out!

  • Olivia, 36, is an American filmmaker and producer 
  • Harry, 27, is an $80 million worth English singer who was previously a part of the famous British boyband One Direction
  • Harry and Olivia wrapped up the shooting for their movie ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ on February 14th 2021
  • Following this, Olivia posted a heartfelt note for Harry on her Instagram account 



What makes a relationship strong? Well, many things but praising your partner from time to time is definitely the key! And Olivia Wilde also believes in this secret recipe for a successful relationship. She praised her boyfriend Harry Styles by dedicating a post on Instagram to him

This post which surfaced on February 16th 2021 melted hearts as Olivia wrote such a deep caption about her boyfriend. However, it looks like that not everyone was happy with it! While she applauded Harry for taking part in a female-led movie, viewers were quick to notice how she is praising Harry for doing the bare minimum.

Many male artists refuse to be in a female-led movie and that goes on to show how widespread sexism is in the entertainment industry. However, this doesn’t imply that men who aren’t sexist need to be thanked for it, said one Twitter user. 


Olivia Wilde

Olivia has not yet directly addressed the backlash. I think that Harry really did the bare minimum by being in the movie, he was being paid for this job so it was his obligation. And Florence Pugh, the female lead in the movie, is an Oscar-nominated actress so if anything, Harry must be honored to share the stage with her. What do you think about this? 

Listen to Harry's grammy-nominated song 'Watermelon Sugar'


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