Olivia Wilde and boyfriend Harry Styles

Harry Styles gets all his tattoos removed for his girlfriend Olivia Wilde

Removing a tattoo is even more painful than getting one yet it seems like Harry did it! The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer was seen shirtless during the filming of his upcoming movie ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, and he had no tattoos. Are you wondering what happened? Continue reading to find out!

  • Harry is a 27-year-old singer and songwriter who is busy these days filming with his girlfriend Olivia Wilde for their upcoming movie 
  • The $80 million worth singer has 60 tattoos which the fans love!
  • But it looks like the tattoos have been bid farewell to by Harry!
Harry Style's tattoos

It is no secret that Harry Styles loves tattoos! The young singer got his first tattoo at the age of 18 and since then has gotten around 60 tattoos on his body. All the tattoos hold significant meaning and importance to the singer. One of his most prominent tattoos is that of a butterfly on his torso. The butterfly represents transformation and the singer got it as a symbol of his transformation through life. 

Mermaid tattoo among many others

Some other tattoos are those of a naked mermaid, holy bible, cross sign, a birdcage, guitar, and the list goes on! Now can you imagine him getting rid of all these beautiful and meaningful tattoos just for a movie with his girlfriend? I can’t!

Harry without any tattoos!

Well, if you’re also surprised like I was when I first saw his shirtless image from the sets of his upcoming movie, let me tell you the truth. Harry has gotten his tattoos covered and not removed. Thus, the disappearance is only temporary, as it was a requirement of his film project. Once it’s done, we will hopefully be able to see his amazing tattoos again!


Harry Styles is a person who searches for meaning in every aspect of life. His creative side is displayed in his work as well as the tattoos he has on his body. I love all of them but my favorite one is the butterfly because of the significant meaning it holds. Which one is your favorite?

Listen to Harry's Grammy-nominated song 'Watermelon Sugar':

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