Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber liked Selena Gomez’s Instagram post after a year!

Is Hailey Bieber trying to strike a friendship with her husband’s ex Selena Gomez? Well, it seems like it because Hailey liked an Instagram post by Vogue magazine featuring Selena Gomez! The queen of pop is Vogue’s April cover star and looks absolutely stunning in an off-shoulder dress. Want to know the details regarding this surprising interaction between these two women? Continue reading to find out!

  • Selena Gomez dated Justin Bieber for almost a decade before breaking up with him in August 2018
  • Justin married his teenage love Hailey two months after his break up with Selena 
  • Since then, things have been bitter between Selena and her ex’s wife as the two never interacted with each other 
  • However, it looks like Hailey wants to change this and be friends with Selena!
Vogue's cover featuring Selena 

Selena publicly closed her toxic relationship chapter with Justin Bieber when she released her song ‘Lose You to Love Me’ in October 2019. Since then, Hailey and Selena have never interacted with each other on any platform. However, on March 10th 2021 Vogue magazine posted their cover for April featuring Selena Gomez. Even Hailey couldn’t control herself from liking the stunning cover! 

Selena in the music video of Lose You to Love Me

The last time Hailey ever liked a post featuring Selena Gomez was in October 2019. The post was by Selena’s friend Raquelle Stevens. Want to know something surprising about this post? It was a photo of Selena celebrating her singles ‘Lose You to Love Me’ and ‘Look at Her Now’. Both these singles came as a goodbye to her relationship with Justin Bieber and even mentioned how toxic the relationship with him was. 

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber

The same day ‘Lose You to Love Me’ released, Hailey posted an Instagram story of herself listening to a song named ‘I’ll Kill You’. She received a lot of backlash for this as fans speculated that Hailey posted this as a response to Selena’s song. However, Hailey addressed these criticisms and labeled them as pointless.


Selena, Hailey, and Justin want fans to stop talking about what happened in the past. The three have moved on with their lives. Hailey and Justin are incredibly happy with each other whereas Selena is enjoying her life releasing new music. Do you think Hailey is trying to be friends with Selena?  


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