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German TV host slammed for racist comments against BTS

Matthias Matuschik is making headlines for his racist comments against BTS. The Bavarian radio station host stated that BTS is like the coronavirus and hopes that a vaccine comes soon to eradicate them. However, many celebrities such as Halsey and Lauv made him apologize publicly to BTS. Want to know the details? Continue reading to find out!

  • BTS debuted in 2013 with their single ‘No More Dream’
  • Since then the band has risen to fame with the love and support of their 30 million fans!
  • However, with so much success also comes a cost and for BTS this cost comes in the form of harsh racism 
Matthias Matuschik

While most people loved BTS’ cover for ‘Fix You’, things got ugly on February 24th 2021 when Matthias Matuschik passed on insulting remarks regarding the band on his radio show. He said that the K-pop band’s cover of ‘Fix You’ was blasphemy and that they should be sent to North Korea as a punishment for it. He further went on to link BTS to coronavirus and said he hopes a vaccine arrives soon so the band can be eradicated.  

Since his disgusting remarks surfaced on the internet, celebrities such as Halsey and Lauv came out in their support of BTS on Twitter. Fans of the boyband were angry at these remarks and soon pressure started to build on the radio host. On February 25th, the radio station issued a statement claiming:

"It is the character of this show and also of the presenter to express his opinion clearly, openly and unvarnished. He overshot the mark in his choice of words and he did not intend to hurt the feelings of the BTS fans.” 

However, fans were not satisfied with this statement and went on to point that racism is not an opinion! The host also issued a statement:

"I have thought a lot in the past few hours and I understand and accept that I could have racially insulted many of you, especially the Asian community, with my words. That was never my intention, but I know that in the end it is how the words are received by the recipients - and not how they were meant" 


It is sad how BTS still faces such racism despite its success and fame. However, with love also comes hatred and I am glad BTS has the support of its fans to make it through such tough times. What do you think of the radio host’s apology?


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