Tree fell down

Georgia woman escapes death after a tree falls over her

The security footage shared over social media shocked the world: a mom from Alpharetta, Georgia, almost died if it weren't for her kids that warned her to run. Watch the shocking video below

  • The video shows the family chilling by the pool.
  • The mom was reading a book in her sun lounger when she hears the yelling and starts running.
  • An entire thick branch of the tree fell direct where she was sitting.

You can see how the woman shouts "Oh my god" and "I almost died". She just couldn't believe what happened a minute before. Literally the whole scene lasts 2 seconds and if she had been a bit slower, the story headline could have been a more tragic one.

This is what happened after the tree fell down

The amazed users commented on the video alleging it could have been a good miracle: "God bless you" and "this was a true miracle". A lot of people also commented that the child is a hero for saving his family.

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