BTS at the grammys 2021

Former Grammy Awards editor revealed BTS controversy

After the massacre against Asians in Georgia, the United States has set an alarm against racism. The Grammys weren't the exception. The South Korean boy band made history by getting nominated and performing at the 63rd Grammy Awards as the first Korean act to achieve this. They couldn't win the award despite having the highest views and stats on all worldwide music charts. It didn't come as a surprise to the fans as they are already aware of the Recording Academy's biases against the Asian artists. The former Grammy's website editor, Rachel Brodsky, has reveled some shocking secrets! Scroll down to read more about it!

  • BTS was nominated in the category of Best Performance Pop Duo/Group at the Grammys, 2021.
  • They even had their first-ever stage at the award show where they performed their song 'Dynamite'.
  • Unlike other artists in the category, the band has already won 52 awards for 'Dynamite'.

On March 14th, 2021, BTS appeared at the Grammy Awards red carpet for hearing the results of their nomination in 'Best Performance Pop Duo' category. As the band couldn't win the award, they accepted it graciously and even thanked the fans for the support. However, the fans were extremely outraged at this because the K-pop singers truly deserved it.

BTS posing for the camera

The members sent sweet messages and gestures to the fans to calm them down, and it stole everyone's hearts but, it didn't stop the fans. They kept mentioning the Recording Academy's unfairness towards the group. They agreed with artists like Zayn Malik and The Weeknd who boycotted the awards due to their favoritism.

Rachel Brodsky's tweet
Rachel Brodsky's tweet

Quite surprisingly, a former editor from came forward and exposed them on her Twitter. She explained that BTS was a 'pain point' for the show. According to the Grammys, BTS are not the winners and hence not much should be written about them despite the fact that their articles were getting the most views. Its apparent that how the Recording Academy tried to make up an excuse for their illogical enforcement against the group!

Rachel Brodsky's tweet

Brodsky even provided the evidence behind fans' claims that the band has been used by the show for views and ratings. 


Jeff Benjamin, Billboard’s K-Pop journalist also exposed that 'many places' force the writers 'to heavily alter stories about BTS.' Sadly, it shows that how even in 2021, the prejudice against the artist of color has not been ended. Just because of the dominant mindset of the industry, they cannot let the talent win.

BTS, the seven talented men

But with all this, we know that BTS doesn't need any such recognition. Their music and hard work has shown their talent to the world and that matters the most! 

BTS at the Grammys 2021

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