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Florida's Covid-19 Cases Jump as Governor DeSantis Blames Youth

The state reported a total of 141,075 Covid-19 cases since the Pandemic started. New cases sky-rocketed to 8,530 of Friday 9,585 on Saturday and roughly 8,500 more on Sunday alone. Read what the authorities said in the following article.

By  Pam Loureiro

Since the reopening phases have initiated there has been a skyrocket of new COVID-19 infections in the state of Florida. The Governor stated that it is not his fault to reopen the economy, but it is the young people fault for socializing.

Packed Florida beach. Source: Andrew West/ The USA Today Network, The News-Press

Florida along with Texas, Arizona and California are reporting sharp increases in cases, prompting officials to slow business reopening. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has announced on Friday that popular beaches with be officially closed for this Independence Day holiday.

Govenor DeSantis has responded at a Pensacola news conference that the reopening of bars, beaches, restaurants and other public areas were not to blame and that the 25-to-34 age group has “by far” been the leading group pushing up the daily numbers, he said.

“It’s basically socializing, reopening the economy wasn’t the reason." stated the Governor. “Most of this is not because of people going to work, it’s because they’re being social.” DeSantis has received a wave of backlash from Florida residents alleging the State has not done enough to keep the people safe from bending the curve of coronavirus cases.

After the confirmed new cases of Covid-19 Florida has become the new disease hot spot in North America. Florida is also one of states with the highest rates of unemployment, just this week 206,000 Floridians have filed for unemployment claims, leaving the east side of the United States the hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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