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Fan's outrage after Cardi B spends $240k on a Hermes bag!

Who knew a bag could be so expensive? The 'Up' rapper flaunted the latest addition to her collection of luxurious bags and fans are angry! Instead of giving it to charity, she keeps splashing her money in material purchases. The rapper purchased a $240k Hermes Birkin bag! What is so special about a designer bag?Watch the video below to find out!

  • The rapper loves collecting handbags from different brands like Hermes Birkin, Gucci, and Prada.
  • Mostly, they were gifts from her husband, the 'Lick' rapper Offset, who also purchased a $330.000 Rolls-Royce SUV for her 29th birthday. 
  • For Kulture's birthday Offset gave her a baby Hermes Birkin bag as well.
  • Hermes Birkin bags range from $50.000 the model baby (she bought one for her daughter Kulture) to $500.000

'I wanted this Birkin so bad! I called every Hermes store, it just came out this year.'

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The 'WAP' star was in love at first sight! She knew she had to get it the moment she saw it. Cardi approximately spent $240,000 on this rare purchase! Would you ever buy a bag this expensive? 

Cardi's Cargo Hermes Birkin Bag

The bag called 'Birkin Cargo' is a pretty and rare limited edition bag that originally was sold for $65,000. Due to her anxiety, she paid almost 3 times more. Can you believe it?

Click here to see the video she posted on her Instagram. Was it really a necessity for her?

Cardi at Billboard music awards

The 'Bodak Yellow' singer has a closet full of her favorite signature Birkin and Kelly purses! However, it seems like fans were not amused by her materialistic choices! To this, the 28-year-old star replied by pointing out how black celebrities are always shamed for enjoying luxurious items! Read more about it here. 

Cardi started trending on Twitter, where fans were outraged talking about how she splashes her money. Others defended her by saying she earned her money with hard work and talent.


I think it's really nice to buy everything you might want (despite being material objects) with your hard-earned money! Cardi showing off the purchases that she loves and celebrating them is adorable. Showing her intimate world and giving the fans that sense of close connection with her is definitely one of her biggest talents.

What we can say is, yes, it could be "good" if she kept a 'simpler' profile, but on the other hand, Cardi wouldn't be Cardi without her drama right? What do you think about her latest stylish Birkin bag? Let us know in the comments!

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