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Fans celebrate Red Velvet Wendy’s solo debut with ‘Like Water’

On April 5th, 2021, the singer made history as the first member of ‘Red Velvet’ to release a solo album. Fans all over the world have been excited for the release of ‘Like Water’. To celebrate, they trended ‘Wendy_Like_Water’ on Twitter. Check out details about the album below!

  • Wendy debuted under ‘SM Entertainment’ on August 1st, 2014 in the girl group ‘Red Velvet’. 
  • She has the widest vocal range in K-Pop, she can sing up to 4 octaves!
  • The title track ‘Like Water’ is an emotional acoustic-pop ballad.
Wendy teaser for Like Water

On April 5th, Wendy’s fans trended ‘#Wendy_Like_Water’ and ‘#TodayIs_WendySolo’ to celebrate her debut as a soloist. The title track ‘Like Water’ showcases her beautiful vocals with an acoustic-pop ballad instrumental.

Listen to the amazing song here!

Wendy album cover

The album will have 4 other tracks called ‘The Road’, ‘When This Rain Stops’, ‘Why Can’t You Love Me’ and ‘Best Friend’. It shows off Wendy’s powerful vocal range with various genres such as R&B, rock-ballad, and acoustic pop-ballad! 

I think the theme for this album suits her perfectly! Click here to buy it now.

Wendy teaser for the solo debut

The fifth track called ‘Best Friend’ will be in collaboration with her bandmate ‘Kang Seulgi’. The two have a beautiful friendship ever since their trainee days in ‘SM Entertainment’. The emotional track highlights their happy memories throughout the years.

Aren’t they the sweetest duo?


Wendy teaser for Like Water in Jeju

Fans all over the world have been excited for Wendy to return since December 2019. After a long hiatus, the singer has finally released her solo album. I think it’s an excellent album with various genres that solidifies her position as the best vocalist in K-Pop. 

Will you be buying her album ‘Like Water’? Comment below!

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