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Everything you need to know about Ariana Grande's summer wedding!

‘One day I’ll walk down the aisle, holding hands with my mama’, sang Ariana Grande in her song ‘Thank U, Next’! Who knew her words were going to come true? Ariana is set to marry her boyfriend Dalton Gomez in the summers of 2021. The couple is searching for possible venues for the ceremony but are most likely to choose California. The wedding is going to be on a small scale and only close friends and relatives will attend it. Continue reading to find out the details regarding this exciting news!

  • The 27-year-old American singer has a net worth of $180 million 
  • Despite her fame, Ariana has struggled a lot in her past relationships with celebrities such as Pete Davidson and Mac Miller
  • However, it looks like Ariana’s love life is taking a turn for better, and she is getting married to Dalton Gomez!
Dalton and Ariana 

Unlike her previous relationships, Ariana has kept her romance with Dalton Gomez largely a secret. She is doing this to protect herself as well as her loved ones from criticisms. Perhaps that is why her relationship with him has been the most successful of all her relationships. And now the young couple is set to tie the knot! 

Dalton Gomez is a real estate agent and even before his relationship with Ariana, he had celebrity friends such as Miley Cyrus! Ariana and Dalton got engaged in December 2020 and since then they have reportedly become obsessed with each other. A source told Us

“[They are] beyond obsessed with each other [and spend] almost all their time together. He loves to dote on her. He just makes her really happy. All of Ariana’s friends and family love him for her.”

Ariana and Dalton’s wedding is going to be on a small scale due to the ongoing pandemic. They plan on having an intimate ceremony in the early weeks of summer. The couple doesn’t plan on throwing any fancy wedding parties till the pandemic ends. 


Ariana dressed as a bride 

The queen of pop is finally getting married and this is a moment her fans and loved ones have waited for anxiously. I am happy she has found love in her life! What are your thoughts on what kind of bride Ariana is going to make?


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