Blockbuster Airbnb

Entertainment chain Blockbuster is an Airbnb!

Remember those good old times when you would go to the video store and rent your favorite movies? After the company went broke, only 1 shop in Oregon survived from more than 9000 around the world. And its comeback generated fascination on social media. Check it out!

  • Blockbuster was the leader on video rentals around the world in the 1990s.
  • They even mocked Netflix when they started competing.
  • The California streaming service offered Blockbuster to buy their business for "only" 50 million (they are now 200 billion worth).

After trending on Twitter with the post "Just checking in", Airbnb revealed their partnership plans. They asked the Oregon population what their plans were in September, because they transformed the last Blockbuster into a housing project for limited time only.

Transforming the movie hall into a bedroom, with 1990s decoration and even a VHS recorder. The reactions were funny and epic, with users even posting that they still have the rewards card from the video-shop. Great initiative for the entertainment world!

Users reactions
Users reactions

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