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Dr.Fauci testifies in Senate: Covid cases to rise 100K a day

 New coronavirus cases are skyrocketing and the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, New Yorker Dr Anthony S. Fauci has stated an emergency warning in the Senate committee hearing. Check out what he had to say

  • The Food and Drug Administration said that to win regulatory approval, any COVID-19 vaccine will have to prevent the disease or decrease its severity in at least 50% of the people who receive it.
  • The number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 is surging in seven states, according to data tracked by The Washington Post. In Texas, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, Montana, Georgia and California, cases are up at least 25% every week. 

The last two weeks there has been a surge of uprising cases of COVID across the nation causing people to panic and believe we may have reopened too early. The United States are having more than 40,000 new confirmed cases every day in states like California, Florida, Illinois, and Arizona becoming the new infectious epicenter for COVID-19. 

Fauci announced that he would not be surprised if the cases reach up to 100,00 a day. The doctor also has stated that he is “very concerned” with the current situation and the second wave of this disease.

Dr Anthony Fauci

The total of cases in the United States surpasses any other country with a whopping 2.6 Million confirmed cases and roughly over 129,000 deaths nationwide with the state of New York taking the lead with 393,000 cases of infection. Nearly 10.3 million cases of coronavirus have been detected worldwide and the global death is close to 505,000. 

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, believes “President Trump failed Americans” when he was asked about the response towards the global pandemic. Biden has recently announced a plan to fight COVID-19, saying he will maximize testing, enforcing the Defense Production Act, and to coordinate trials and treatments like a vaccine. 

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