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Donald Trump's 1st campaign rally in Tulsa was disappointing

Trump's re-election campaign in Tulsa was the biggest indoor gathering since the outbreak. The President had boasted about almost one million people requesting tickets for the 19,000 seat arena in Oklahoma. However, expectations were not met and the outside area Trump had designated for the overflowing crowd was discarded. 

  • Donald Trump blamed the media and the protestors for the lack of attendance. He also referred to those who did show as warriors.
  • Oklahoma is on the rise with new confirmed coronavirus cases and the public was skeptic about the rally. People feared the gathering could become a means of spreading the virus even more.
  • Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum said: "We do this as our positive Covid-19 cases are rising, but while our hospital capacity remains strong. Some think it is great, some think it is reckless. Regardless of where each of us falls on that spectrum, we will go through it as a community"

President Trump's decision to have the campaign rally in Oklahoma is as controversial as the day he had originally chosen for it, June 19th. The date marks the end of slavery for black people and the holiday is known as Juneteenth. Trump eventually changed the date. However, the place is still questioned. In 1921 Tulsa became the scene of a massacre in which almost 300 black people died.

Donald Trump's campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 20th

According to North America reporter, Anthony Zurcher's analysis, while the campaign wasn't a total flop, the President "may have needed more than a comfort-blanket rally that harkens back to better days"

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