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Discover the debut video of Aespa "Black Mamba" and what's next

SM Entertainment's new 4-member group Aespa made their debut on November 17 with the music video "Black Mamba." Just two hours after its release, it already had almost 4 million views on YouTube and fans are making all kinds of comments about the song and the group. Keep reading to see and video and find out all the details.

  • The aespa group consists of 4 members, two from Korea, Karina and Winter, Giselle from Japan, and Ning Ning from China.
  • Their debut single is called “Black Mamba” and the music video shows incredible choreography as well as outstanding vocals from the girls.
  • This new group has aroused a lot of expectation in the audience, as it promises to surprise with augmented reality (AR). This means that in addition to real members, each girl will have her own avatar.

The song is really catchy and the music video has an off-the-wall aesthetic.

All of the teaser videos SM released prior to debut anticipated that these girls know how to move and obviously how to sing.

Apparently, Karina would be the leader of the group.

Karina from Aespa.

Since we have seen her more present than the other three members during the promotional campaign, and she is in the middle of the music video.

Some have pointed out that this new music video will be part of a storyline that will unite the different singles of Aespa under the same plot.


“Black Mamba” is of course the villain of the story, which does not allow Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ning Ning to connect with their avatars.

Aespa already has fandom and the name is “My”.

The four girls from SM Entertainment already have a live performance date and it will be on November 19.

We can't wait to find out what other surprises this new girl group has in store for us that promises to sneak into the top spots on the world charts.

Aespa's avatars.

What did you think of Aespa's debut? Leave us your comments.

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