Rebel Wilson showing her weight loss Rebel Wilson showing her weight loss

Discover how Rebel Wilson managed to lose so much weight!

The famous actress has been spotted in Los Angeles these days looking better than ever. A few weeks ago she posted some pictures of her new fit body on Instagram, and we shared it with you. Now we want to enlighten you with her recipe for success. Scroll down!  

  • Melanie Elizabeth Wilson AKA Rebel Wilson, was born in Australia 40 years ago.
  • She has a net worth of $22 million.
  • Producers of the movie Pitch Perfect made her sign a contract where she agreed not to lose weight!
  •  She lost nearly 40 pounds this year and weighs 183 pounds.
Rebel Wilson showing her new figure

The famous Australian actress is an example of tenacity and self-improvement.

She made it her goal to lose weight this year, which she called The Year of Health.

For now, she's more than fulfilling it. We all wonder how he achieved such a transformation.

Her recipe is exercise and the Mayr Method diet.

Rebel Wilson spotted in LA these days looking great in black.

What is this revolutionary diet? Basically, becoming aware of what we eat and how we eat it.

It is a diet that allows the inclusion of most foods and personalization by the subject.

The Viva Mayr Diet e-book.

The most important part of the method is to chew slowly and savor each bite.

This has proven to be of great help not only to lose weight but to maintain it.

Rebel learned about the wonderful diet through a friend and was amazed by the results.

It is wonderful how some celebrities share things from their private lives through social media sending a message of encouragement for the fans.


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