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Did Twice's Dahyun just copy Jisoo from Blackpink?

The controversy arose on February 10th when the new music video for Chaeyoung and Dahyun's Melody Project premiered. Keep reading to find out what one idol copied from the other.

  • Dahyun and Chaeyoung are two of the 9 members of the K-pop group Twice which debuted in 2016 under the management of JYP Entertainment.
  • Both form Melody Project and on February 10th they released a new music video for the song "Switch To Me". 
  • This is a song that was originally performed by Rain and Park Jin Young last year.
  • The whole music video is a parody of the original one and everything was great until plagiarism rumors on social media came to ruin JYP's fun.
Chaeyoung and Dahyun

 Apparently in the originally released music video Dahyun appeared dancing part of the "Switch To Me" choreography with a hanbok too similar to the one made especially for

Blackpink's Jisoo for the "How You Like That" music video.

This was revealed by the stylist of the band who expressed it on her social networks saying:

"Eh ?? !! An outfit custom-designed by me, but that I did not make ?? !!"

Jisoo's hanbok vs. Dahyun's.

Following these statements, the JYP agency released a statement apologizing and explaining that the hanbok had been bought in a store and that they had no idea that it looked like Blackpink's.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

In regard to the outfits from Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s Melody Project video, the hanbok in question was purchased from a hanbok company, and we did not properly recognize the similarities. We sincerely apologize for this.

We have given an explanation of the situation and our deepest apologies to the designer. We will be even more careful in the future so that this kind of incident never arises again.

In addition, the Twice record label, edited and deleted the images where the problematic hanbok appeared.

But don't worry, we have the original!

Some fans point out that JYP doesn't care too much about their artists' outfits and wonder why Twice doesn't have a stylist who makes custom models for them, being their most popular act.

The truth is that these "coincidences" usually happen in the world of K-pop, and maybe they are nothing more than a way to promote the work of idols in "a different way".

What do you think?

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