Lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey

Couple who targeted protesters in Missouri might go to jail

Lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the white couple who pointed machine guns at peaceful protesters in St. Louis, are being accused of illegal use of a weapon by a Missouri prosecutor. Check it out!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • A peaceful march was taking place in order to ask the resignation of the city Mayor, Lyda Krewson.
  • Protesters happened to walk by the mansion of two wealthy of Missouri lawyers.
  • They started to threat them and point guns to everyone.
  • The video caught the attention of President Donald Trump and has been seen over 16 million times.

Prosecutor Kim Gardner said that the actions of the couple created a risk for a violent situation breakdown.
"It is illegal in St. Louis to brandish weapons threateningly" said Gardner.

McCloskeys at their home. Source: Daily Mail

The accused couple’s lawyer, Joel Schwarts, defended them saying "I unequivocally believe that no crime was committed". Several other political leaders from the Republican Party defended them as well, like Missouri Governor Mike Parson and United States President Donald Trump.

This brought several public opinions, with people supporting the McCloskeys for defending their home and others complaining about their violence.

Community service could also be a possibility if they are found guilty. They are currently facing up to 5 years behind bars.

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