American country band "The Chicks"

Country band changes their name in midst of the anti-racism movement

To help highligh racial inequalty the popular country band Dixie Chicks changed their name to The Chicks. Dixie is derived from Jeremiah Dixon who would survey the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania which separated free and slave states. The border line was known as the Mason-Dixon line. Nowadays Dixie is more of a cultural referrence that designates all the Southern United States.

  • The band's name was questioned by Variety writer Jeremy Helligar who referrenced the origins and connotations of the word "Dixie". 
  • The country band decided to change their name to "The Chicks", however, there ia a New Zeland band who already has this name. The preexisting band granted the Texas country band permission to share the same name.
  • Country band "the Chicks" offered a sincere thank you. "We are honoured to co-exist together in the world with these exceptionally talented sisters," they said.

The Texas trio revealed the change while releasing a protest song called March March

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