Coronavirus conman: Florida man buys a Lamborghini with aid

Unbelievable: a Miami resident, 29-year-old David Tyler Hines was arrested under the suspicion of bank fraud. What and where he spent the money stolen will leave you with no hope for humanity. Check it out!

By  Pam Loureiro
  • Hines was fined $100 one week before his arrest for not wearing a mask in public.
  • After he stole the money on PPP loans applications, he went on a shopping spree.
  • David spent $5000 at Saks Fifth Ave, $8000 on diamonds, and a $10.000 stay at the luxury hotel Setai Miami.

In these pandemic times, we saw the world united for a common good, trying to find a cure and stop the disease. We also saw racism, anger and disruption. In this case, a guy, who legitimate owned several businesses took advantage of a situation where millions are suffering to give himself the luxury life of a billionaire.

Conman David Tyler Hine

He bought a $320.000 luxury car Lamborghini EVO after asking for $13 million in loans. He was given "only" $3.9, and he spent it not only in clothing and having fun in Miami Beach, but also on hiring a female company for his night out. David is facing life in prison if found guilty of all the charges.

Lamborghini EVO

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