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Controversial Chinese law worries the population

The new legislation gives Beijing the power to operate far beyond the legal system in Hong Kong. The idea is to align Hong Kong's laws with those of mainland China. Analysts have found many worrying aspects in the new Legislation.

  • The new legislation has not only generated controversy but it has also scared many citizens. 
  • Its broad wording can be interpreted in different ways and anybody could be fall guilty under the law.
  • Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam welcomes the new law.

A team of legal experts from the United States and Hong Kong are worried about the wide wording of the provisions. Words like "hatred", "complex", "serious" or "difficult" can be very subjective. If not clarified it could lead to confusion on how to judge crimes. As described in a BBC News article "Trials can be held in secret (Article 41) and without a jury (Article 46). Judges can be handpicked (Article 44) by Hong Kong's chief executive, who is answerable directly to Beijin". There is also no specification as to how long suspects can be held, it simply states they should be held in a "timely manner".

According to the new legislation China can legally set up an office of Safeguarding National Security on Hong Kong territory and anybody working there is free from abiding by its laws. Claudia Mo, an opposition lawmaker in Hong Kong said "People will be so petrified, so frightened and intimidated, that they wouldn't dare say anything or do anything in opposition". 

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