Ventura County Sheriff press conference

Confirmed: the body found in Lake Piru was from Naya Rivera

Ventura County Sheriff's office confirmed yesterday that the body found in the Californian lake after a week of searching belongs to Glee´s actress Naya Rivera. Finally, her family and friends can have their closure. Read more below about what happened.

  • The musical TV actress who plays Santana Lopez in the show Glee disappeared while sailing with her 4-year-old son.
  • The body was found on the anniversary of the death of another Glee actor, Corey Monteith.
  • He died in Vancouver from a drug overdose with only 31 years old.

The highest authority from Ventura Sheriff department, Captain Eric Buschow held a press conference yesterday to confirm the identity of the body.

He also said that before the conference, Rivera’s family, who had been prior to the scene had been notified. They went to the Lake and performed a goodbye ritual which was deeply emotional.

Press conference: Source: The Boston Globe

The Captain stated "These days were a roller coaster of emotions, we hope the family can have a closure, they are in our prayers."

Divers, helicopters and boats looked for the body, but the low visibility of the lake and the muddy waters made it nearly impossible. Rivera’s father, ex-husband, mother, brother and cousin reunited in the place where she was last seen and looked for her with the authorities via boats.

The entire Glee cast joined the farewell and also performed a goodbye ritual.

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