China could dominate the internet if the US doesn't push back

China and the US have been in conflict for some time. Not only is there a technology dispute but also a lot of tension over the coronavirus pandemic. Now China is being accused of digital authoritarianism. Scroll down for more on the subject.

  • The US accuses China of using technology to track its own citizens and to exert power beyond its borders.
  • China's digital influence is a threat to the US.
  •  Democratic Senator Bob Menendez calls for the US and its allies to push back before China has complete control over the internet.

The report that accuses China of digital authoritarianism was commissioned by Democratic Senator Bob Menendez. The Senator said China could rewrite the rules of the internet unless the US and its allies push back. The report says "The United States is now on a precipice of losing the future of the cyber domain to China".

The US-China conflict continues

While Beijing has already exported digital surveillance technology to various countries, some of the biggest platforms like Google, Twitter and Facebook are banned in China.

Leslie Vinjamuri, an expert for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, said this is basically a call to arms for the US and if the Democratic Party wins the 2020 elections they will be very tough on China.

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