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Check out why K-Pop fans have named April Fools ‘Irene Day’!

The first day of April is full of funny pranks! The worldwide tradition of making a fool out of your friends is something we all are familiar with. In the K-Pop world, April 1st is known as ‘Irene Day’. Read below to find out why fans do so!

  • On 1st April every year, fan bases of K-Pop idols post pictures of other celebrities as a prank.
  • Red Velvet’s leader Irene is the most popular idol picked for this trend.
  • In April 2020, 200 fan pages posted more than 600 pictures of the beautiful idol-actress.
Irene performing at an award show

On April 1st, 2021, more than 50 fan bases posted 90 photos of Irene. Even with the last year spent in lockdown, there are so many pictures of the star. In my opinion, this is the prettiest April Fools' Day prank!

Don’t you agree?

A popular member of BTS V fan base called @crescendo_1230 uploaded pictures of the star in 2019. Thanks to the singer’s beauty the post got 15.5k likes and 13.1k retweets on Twitter. Both V and Irene are famous idols from Daegu, South Korea!  

Irene in a concert

The idol-actress’ gorgeous facial features make me want to take pictures of her too! No wonder every magazine shoot she pursues goes viral. Brands such as 'Damiani' and 'Chamisul' can’t get enough of her!


Irene at a fashion event

In terms of visuals, I think Irene is the prettiest female idol. She is one of the impressive all-rounded idols in the K-Pop industry. Aside from being charming, she’s an amazing dancer, rapper and vocalist too.

Her great personality makes her the leader of ‘Red Velvet’ and a role model for many young women. Do you want to take pictures of her for April Fools' Day too? Comment below!


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