BTS posing for the camera BTS posing for the camera

Check out BTS new song, 'Butter' smashing Dynamite's records

BTS' much anticipated song, 'Butter' is here! It's catchy and strong beats have melted the hearts of the fans just like Butter. With that, it's smashing all the records that were once set up by the band's first English-language single, 'Dynamite'. For instance, 'Butter' premiered with more than 3.9 million views for its premiere. Scroll down to check out the rivalry that has been set between 'Butter' and 'Dynamite'!

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BTS' first ever single, Dynamite set up a tonne of world records such as the most video premiere likes, most number of views in 24 hours etc. but seems like their second single, 'Butter' is on its way to break them all! One by one, it's smashing all the records set up by the band's previous release and is even adding more. Let's find out what records it has broken till yet!

1 million likes:

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Even before 40 minutes of its release, 'Butter' got 1 million likes on YouTube, becoming the first ever music video to achieve this. Dynamite, on the other hand, got 1 million likes after 28 minutes of its release. So, BTS has proved that their music just keeps getting better to break more and more records!

Premiere Views:

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Fans gathered for the premiere of BTS' much awaited release, 'Butter'. It garnered more than 3.9 million views and 3 million likes for its premiere and broke Dynamite's premiere record of 3 million views. Wow, it's incredible! 

10 million views:

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Dynamite gained 10 million views on YouTube within 21 minutes of its release and set the record of the fastest video to reach this milestone. However now, the situation has changed as 'Butter' has taken this record from Dynamite as it got 10 million views just within 13 minutes of its release. Woah, isn't that crazy?

15 million views:

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Earning another feather into its cap, 'Butter' has broken Dynamite's record of gaining 15 million views within 30 minutes of the song's release in YouTube's history. Dynamite reached this count in 40 minutes. The record race between the two songs is just insane!

25 million views:

BTS at their first Grammy appearance

'Butter' got 25 million views in 1 hour 26 minutes becoming the fastest music video to have this while 'Dynamite' had this many views in 1 hour 59 minutes. Such a neck to neck competition yet 'Butter' winning in each one of the record. 

70 million views:

BTS at the set of Dynamite

The record-breaking fairy, 'Butter' finally made it to 70 million views within 12 hrs 55 minutes setting the next world record. It's long-lost sister, 'Dynamite' achieved this milestone in 15 hours and hence once again, 'Butter' has taken the victory!

BTS, all smiles

Have you checked out 'Butter' yet? Share your thoughts about it with us in the comments below and once again listen to this amazing song by BTS!

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