Check out our 5 best articles of the year

Check out our 5 best articles of the year

2020 has been a crazy year. We had all sorts of good, bad, crazy news to break, and we tried to do it the best way possible. Some articles left us overwhelmed by the amount of love you guys showed. You loved us writing about music articles so much that we decided to fully cover the music industry for some time. We never imagined having reached so many people in such a short period. Let���s have a look back at which ones were the most read articles on our website.   

  • Yaay started operating on June 2020.
  • Our aim is to provide authentic news at the earliest.
  • We have gladly been one of the few platforms to break big news before anyone else!

1. Billie Eilish surprised fans wearing a see-through outfit

It was no surprise when we noticed a crazy boom in our website traffic after posting this article. We have known Billie Eilish for wearing baggy outfits all her life and never expected to see her in an otherwise condition, not so soon at least. However, the public was as surprised as we were when she posted a photo in a see-through dress. We wanted to share this moment with our audience and it won’t be wrong to say that we were shocked by the response. 3 million views in 24 hours. That’s truly insane. 

2. Cardi B accidentally posted a spicy photo 

Cardi B's article attracted millions of readers Source: gettyimages

Accidents happen, all of us have been there and so did Cardi. When she accidentally posted a shirtless photo, Yaay was one of the first media outlets to catch and break the news. Our readers turned out to be quite fun-loving, as we assume, by the way, they reacted to the story. More than 1.8 million views within 24 hours. Yes, even we were shocked to see the scale go up like that. 

3. Miley Cyrus sets the holidays on fire with a provocative outfit

Miley Cyrus. Source: gettyimages

Looks like people are obsessed with naughty news lol. None of such headlines go unnoticed where a celebrity is reported to be naked or in an extreme outfit. This one got 1.5 million views in just a couple of days. We sure are obsessed with the singer herself but such news leaves us desperately want to click on the link maybe because we don’t get to see such things for free every day. Who knows?!

4.    Who is Ronald Marry the husband of Brad Pitt’s girlfriend

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski Source: gettyimages

Brad Pitt is a legend and he sure has a huge fan following. So it comes natural that whoever is associated with him gets famous as well. Even the articles written about his now former girlfriend's husband got us plenty of traffic this year. The article gathered nearly a million views in just a few days. We have researched and written every possible detail about her life and relationships that you can check out here. 

5. Reasons behind Billie Eilish childhood trauma

Billie Eilish is the star of our blog. None of the articles written about her go without views. That’s probably because of her unique style that attracts millions of people to know more about her. This article bought almost 70K readers in no time. We have a lot of stuff written about Billie as well and if you are a follower of her, you definitely need to check them out. 

Saying farewell to 2020

Happy new year! Source: istockphotos

All in all, this year has been a successful one for all of us at Yaay. All thanks to our dearest celebrities who kept doing exciting things and gave us a story to write about. We expect 2021 to be as thrilling as this year, of course in terms of news. We wish it gets better otherwise!

Happy New Years from all of us at Team Yaay.

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